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Saturday April 26 Review of giro, ocho

Saturday April 26 Milonga Moves

Saturday March 29th The Molinetta with Gigi & Ariel

Saturday March 29th Walking in Different Tracks with Gigi & Tasha

Saturday February 22, 2014 Milonga with Gigi & Matthew

Saturday February 15th - Argentine Tango Pivot Turn

Saturday January 25th - Advancing Student Step

Saturday January 25th - Basic Rebound Step

Saturday January 18th - Ganchito Leg Wrap

Saturday January 18th - Boleo

Boleo & Back Ocho Practice

Steps from Saturday's Class

Ballroom Dancing at World Out Games 2009

Rayco & Jerry Cha Cha Cha

NSSB Paso Doble

Trevor performs at NSSB's Freakball

Jill's Life is a Cabaret at NSSB's Freakball

Thriller Tutorial at NSSB's Freakball (Part 1)

Thriller Tutorial at NSSB's Freakball (Part 2)

Thriller Tutorial at NSSB's Freakball (Part 3)

Cha Cha Dancing at NSSB's Freakball

Berlin International Standard & Latin Dance Competitions

Chicago - Queer Argentine Tango

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